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"Our platform delivers funds up to 6 times faster, and at half the cost in comparison to traditional banking, and that's just two of the benefits!"               
                                       Chris Manski - CEO Charity Token 

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Money is evolving, new digital forms of currency is becoming available and our network of charities can receive funds within seconds while significantly reducing administrative costs.

Grant Distribution


Our database is growing and so are our relationships with EVERY Charity we list having income. In 2023, our platform expands to p2p grant facilitation. The whole process, including funding rolled into one easy, simple to use, manageable portal



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Charity is in need of it's OWN payments platform!

About us

Charity Token Pty Ltd is Independently owned and operated. Located in beautiful Australia, they have the goal to bridge shortcomings of the Charity and Foreign Aid Sector by streamlining the payments and grant facilitation process to create a "new standard" of issuance. One that is transparent, accountable, public and efficient.

Charities see funding from the "top down", when a "bottom up" has been shown to be more effective. Recent innovations in financial technology has allowed us to create a payments platform JUST FOR CHARITY. Our application is new and dynamically changing with the current roll out of the digital economy.  

Never before has a Non-Profit in Sub Saharan Africa, has opportunity to DIRECTLY access funding and guidance through a smart phone. Technology will help reduce poverty more than we could imagine over the coming years, and Charity Token will be at the forefront empowering local underdeveloped Countries prosper.


Receive a share of 3% per transaction in fees

Charity Token uses a reflection model, this is simply an automated wealth distributor. Our platform facilitates this distribution in accord with our written guidelines enforced by encrypted computer code. The rewards are ONLY in CHAT!

Each Charity receives an EQUAL share of 2% plus a profile to receive direct donations from around the world!

Individuals simply transact to donate on our platform. Charities automatically receive and EQUAL share of 2%, of all transactions on Charity Token.

Donate Matic or Charity Tokens

Donate multiple currencies depending on your personal circumstances, earn Charity Tokens from our rewards token or simply donate Matic as standard.
Holding our native token CHAT will earn you fees paid in tokens after each concurrent transaction. Or simply donate Matic to keep it all simple!

Token Economies are the future!

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30D, 121 Kerry Rd
Suite #1042
Archerfield, QLD 4108

Who We Are

We are a registered privately owned Company located in sunny Australia.

ACN - 655 717 883

ACFA Member #88050

AUSTRAC Member #100807453

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