Be Rewarded, Just by holding ONE Charity Token!

7% of ALL transactions on Charity Token are distributed FAIRLY across all wallet holders including Charities!

A digital currency for Charity

Moving value in seconds to make the most impact, blockchain can also create "micro economies" for any Industry....including Charity!

Earn fees from EVERY transaction

You don't just have to donate straight away, take advantage of our "Auto staking" feature where you earn a share in fees! Grow your donation before you give to make a BIGGER impact.

How it works

Create an account

Just a few simple steps until you have you very own Charity Token Wallet

Get Verified

Charities require a strict verification process before being offered a profile in our library

Enjoy the app

You are now free to fund your wallet and use any of the DeFi services on our Platform

Charity is in need of it's OWN Currency!

Our Model

Charity is in desperate need of innovation. In a world of Technology, we can gift the efficiency of blockchain to the Sector to aid in fundraising. What used to take many organizer's and fundraisers to manage, now takes ONE person shared by an ARMY of followers!

Charity Token offers a simple, easy to use platform for Registered Charities to receive and participate in a totally new form of Charity. One that encourages a greater level of inclusiveness, a community forming and mutually beneficial partnerships between public and private. We put Charities and People together!

We have designed Charity Token from the ground up with a World class development team and specialists in the fields of Law, Accounting and Marketing to align our policies with Regulatory requirements. The mobile application is autonomous and immutable, meaning our company can NOT access any wallet or funds locked within the smart contract and makes moving and distributing Charitable contributions easy and secure.


Receive a share of 3% per transaction in fees

Charity Token uses a reflection model, this is simply an automated wealth distributor. Our platform facilitates this distribution in accord with our written guidelines enforced by encrypted computer code. Think of "PayPal" but for Charity!

Each Charity receives an EQUAL share of 2% plus a profile to receive direct donations from around the world!

Individuals simply transact to donate on our platform. Charities automatically receive and EQUAL share of 2%, of all transactions on Charity Token.

Everyone needs a little Charity….

Here at Charity Token, we’ve made something to do just that! Try our unique platform feature called auto-staking. Simply hold Charity Tokens to receive a share in ALL transactions on the Network!

Token Economies are the future!

Our suite of products including an NFT marketplace and DeFi platform release for public sale mid 2022.

Contact Us

30D, 121 Kerry Rd
Suite #1042
Archerfield, QLD 4108

Chris Manski
Aleigha Manski

Who We Are

We are a registered privately owned Company located in sunny Australia.

ACN - 655 717 883

ACFA Member #88050

AUSTRAC Member #100807453

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