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7% of ALL transactions using our Charity Token are distributed FAIRLY across all wallet holders including Charities!

Using Digital Currencies to Donate is easy!

Moving value in seconds to make the most impact, blockchain can also create "micro economies" for any Industry....including Charity!

Increase your donation impact by earning first!

You don't just have to donate straight away, take advantage of our "DeFi rewards" feature where you earn a share in fees just by holding CHAT! Grow your donation before you give to make a BIGGER impact.

How it works

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Charities require a strict verification process before being offered a profile in our library

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Charity is in need of it's OWN Currency!

About us

Charity Token is a Web3 start-up using the newest fintech available in order to move money, into places that have no banks or are desperately underbanked. This is no easy task, while blockchain technology can use mobile networks to carry value, the modern infrastructure is still unavailable in many areas of the World.
As the physical infrastructure is rolled out through the help of NGOs and non-profits, the digital equivalent is happening. New forms of payment rails capable of introducing low income Countries, to 21st century technology. This will take many collaborations and initiatives along with a lot of education, but over time will exponentially speed up.

This is where Charity Token starts their goal of introducing Charities to Web3.

Self funded with a little help, this family Company has set out to tackle the huge funding gaps, problems of inequality and trust hidden within the Charity framework. They will achieve this using a specially developed platform capable of sending donations directly from the donor, to a Charity, anywhere in the World with the click of a button settled in under 10 seconds.

The Charity Token Mobile app is the World's first cross-border donation app. It will continue to evolve as the modern financial infrastructure rolls out around the World over the next few years.

Charity Token Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Chris and Aleigha Manski, they have goals to bridge shortcomings of the Charity sector by specifically finding and listing those Charites and Non-profits who see very little funding for extreme causes with dire outcomes. Many fall through the cracks who cannot afford expensive platform listing fees and marketing to build awareness.

The platform is their tool, designed to act as the foundation to future platforms such as their autonomous fundraising site. This unique platform will allow fundraising to take place, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with ZERO human intervention.

Because this platform is built on a public ledger, it allows for a low cost, peer to peer functional mobile app to be developed and offered to these low income Charities for free. Fees do apply, however they are in the transaction from the donor and are extremely low fixed at 1%. We don't earn unless our Charities do!

Lastly, blockchain offers the ultimate transparency (when done correctly). Each Charity profile listed on the app shows EVERY CENT they have ever been donated on this platform. Each Organisation has a want to build a Community to help them achieve their Charity mission. Technology CAN bring people closer.
Let us show you how!


Receive a share of 3% per transaction in fees

Charity Token uses a reflection model, this is simply an automated wealth distributor. Our platform facilitates this distribution in accord with our written guidelines enforced by encrypted computer code. The rewards are ONLY in CHAT!

Each Charity receives an EQUAL share of 2% plus a profile to receive direct donations from around the world!

Individuals simply transact to donate on our platform. Charities automatically receive and EQUAL share of 2%, of all transactions on Charity Token.

Donate Matic or Charity Tokens

Donate multiple currencies depending on your personal circumstances, earn Charity Tokens from our rewards token or simply donate Matic as standard.
Holding our native token CHAT will earn you fees paid in tokens after each concurrent transaction. Or simply donate Matic to keep it all simple!

Token Economies are the future!

Contact Us

30D, 121 Kerry Rd
Suite #1042
Archerfield, QLD 4108

Who We Are

We are a registered privately owned Company located in sunny Australia.

ACN - 655 717 883

ACFA Member #88050

AUSTRAC Member #100807453

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