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"Our platform delivers funds up to 6 times faster, and at half the cost in comparison to traditional banking, and that's just two of the benefits!"               
                                       Chris Manski - CEO Charity Token 

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Our charities are assigned "digital donation boxes" that collect micro transactions as Charity Tokens are used!

Simply buy CHAT tokens to begin earning OR donate them to one our deserving Charities located in some of the poorest place on Earth!

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Our database is growing and so are our relationships with EVERY Charity we list having income. In 2023, our platform expands to p2p grant facilitation. The whole process, including funding rolled into one easy, simple to use, manageable portal



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A Need for a Faster, Personal Way to Give

About us

For decades, the traditional charity model, involving high administration costs and third-party fundraisers, lacked transparency and effectiveness. As a result, many charities are left with little help or hope of making a difference. With advanced technology improving countless industries, we felt it was time that charity finally received its modern upgrade.


It started with a simple thought: giving should be easy and more personal. And while it may be difficult to eliminate the world’s greatest challenges, connecting with those in need and making contributions to help alleviate them shouldn’t be. So, we sought to create a solution.


Increasing Donations & Positive Change


 We're not just changing the charity industry; we're changing lives - for the better.

Charity Token fuses innovation with passion, opting for a more direct, personal, and transparent approach to helping those who need it most. Our donation app features easy-to-use functions that allow you to donate multiple currencies in seconds, no bank or third party necessary, ensuring that every contribution counts and makes a significant impact. Our streamlined, automated process facilitates transactions, making it easier for those who want to make a positive difference.


On the receiving end, charities can directly access funds for a small 1% fee - the lowest in the industry! We’re proud to partner with a wide range of organizations whose values align with ours and are excited to extend our network. So, when you support Charity Token, you can do so with 100% certainty that you’re contributing to a worthy cause.


The People Behind the Purpose

Based in Australia and managed by Chris & Aleigha Manski, the Charity Token team is composed of driven individuals committed to providing sustainable solutions that meet modern demands within the charity industry. As we grow, we’ll maintain a people-first approach that allows us to create much-needed change at every opportunity.


Let’s better the world together....


Earn just by holding Charity Tokens

Once you have Charity Tokens, you automatically earn a share of every transaction in the CHAT Token

Use our in-app token swap feature to swap for CHAT Tokens and start earning today!

Every charity earns when you use CHAT Tokens!

When Individuals transact OR donate on our platform, Charities automatically receive an EQUAL share of 2% of that very transaction

A TRUE transact to donate!

Donate Matic or Charity Tokens

Donate Matic OR CHAT OR hold to earn

Holding our native token CHAT will earn you a share of tokens after each concurrent transaction

Token Economies are the future!

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30D, 121 Kerry Rd
Suite #1042
Archerfield, QLD 4108

Who We Are

We are a registered privately owned Company located in sunny Australia.

ACN - 655 717 883

ACFA Member #88050

AUSTRAC Member #100807453

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