Incentivising Charity

"Experience a revolutionary way to give with our Charity Token Mobile Wallet – it's your bank account for charity. This unique wallet empowers you to buy, send, swap, and donate with unrivaled transparency and control. Say goodbye to traditional methods and step into a new era of impactful giving"

Donate Digitally


You can fund your charity token account with tokens or donate the old fashioned way

We also make donating around the world safe, easy and instant, cutting out the middlemen.

Getting money into some of the most remote places in the World is now easy!

Donate Globally


Consider this app to be your "Charity Bank Account", when you want to donate, simply fund the account, and donate to a profile of your choosing OR search our website for the green QR codes.

Press the QR code button from the "Send" screen to read our special Charity Token QR codes, choose the amount and click "send"


How it works


Download our app from Google Play

Sign up

Sign up and verify your account details via email

Buy Matic

Purchase Matic Tokens in app


Donate from as little as $0.001c. We encourage a little each day!

Why donate Matic tokens?

In the future, we will be adding more, but for now, Matic is a low cost layer 2 protocol that enables the cheap, fast and transparent movement of funds. 

Stay tuned for more additions!

The reason why we use Tokens

In the remote regions of the World, the access to banks are not like you would be accustomed to. They often have cash restrictions and lack the infrastructure to support withdrawals.

Tokens enable these regions to be included in the wider economy!

Donate Tokens OR via bank card!

Are you one of the 1.5 billion people who own crypto? Consider donating tokens to instead of cash, this way you'll see every dollar move!

For Australian nonprofits, we enable both Stripe and crypto donations.

Need to top up your Web3 wallet?

Use our payment gateway here! Or in our app...

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