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"Together for a better, more sustainable society"

About Us

Development Alert is a registered charity operating in Uganda, committed to empowering vulnerable and impoverished communities while focusing on livelihood improvement and environmental wellbeing. We actively support education, clean water access, economic empowerment, and environmental conservation initiatives.

Notably, we've provided clean water access to over 1,000 individuals, supported hundreds of needy students with educational materials, empowered young tailors with sewing machines and fabrics, and trained young people in various skills. In collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Society, we've also planted over 10,000 tree seedlings for habitat restoration.

Our main challenge is raising funds to continue these essential efforts, but you can be part of our journey by visiting our website to support our initiatives and stay updated on our projects. Additionally, you can volunteer and participate in crowdfunding campaigns by visiting our website HERE.

Together, we can make a lasting positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate and contribute to a more sustainable society. Join us at Development Alert and be a force for positive change.


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