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"A for-profit, with purpose"

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A Common Story

Meet Joe, an average, hardworking guy with a heart of gold. He gave generously to help victims of a natural disaster and felt great about it. But then came the shock – he later found out that the majority of those funds were never received by the charity, and instead were left unaccounted for. 

Joe was left angry and frustrated, plagued by resentment and distrust, not knowing where his hard-earned money ended up.

This is where Charity Token steps in. We've developed a blockchain-based donation platform to bring transparency back to charity. Our mission is to bridge the trust gaps created by stories like Joe's, ensuring that donations make a direct impact and maintain financial accountability of public funds.

See the Change, Share the Impact

Now, picture Joe being able to donate his $100 and witness these funds being deposited into a public account. With real-time visibility, he can observe every transaction made from that account. Using digital currencies, public funds remain public!

   "Think PayPal, but digital and just for Charity"

Charity's Blind Spot: Unravelling the Transparency Dilemma

Today, charitable organisations rely on third-party payment platforms such as PayPal or Stripe to collect donations, and send that value end to end. While these platforms offer a direct funnel to the organisation's bank account, we cannot see the recipient's account or transaction information, leaving us to question if they are using and receiving the funds as intended.

This lack of transparency can lead to issues, as demonstrated by the case of NSW firefighters who discovered in 2023 that only 12 million out of the 69 million collected, was accounted for, due to a fundraising company's involvement since 2014.

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A Transparency-Powered Solution:
Our Business Model

Our business model is centred around a blockchain-based platform that allows Non-Profits to collect & distribute financial aid in a transparent and accountable manner. 

A good example is in the Philippines, where the lottery division have a problem- They can't distribute profits effectively to remote villages due to poor infrastructure. We can be that solution!

To generate revenue, our platform charges transaction fees, subscription fees, and will be able to provide data reporting services.

Charting Success:
Our Achievements and milestones

Charity Token was founded in January 2022 and immediately began on a 1300-hour development journey. In August 2022, we conducted a successful pilot testing Charity Token V1 in Sub-Saharan Africa, enabling 80 small community charities to access the wider economy.

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Since then, we have been refining our approach and building relationships with strategic partners, nonprofits, and the community. Our efforts have been rewarded with recognition, including a finalist for Australian Startup of the Year twice, with Blockchain Australia and winning first place at the Blockstars Pitch Night, securing an exciting deal that we later turned down.

In June 2023, we resumed development and launched Version 2 of our mobile app in October 2023. This marked the world's first blockchain-based donation app, ready to receive donations in Australia.

Meet the Founders


Chris Manski - CEO & Founder

Chris Manski, founder and CEO of Charity Token. With over 15 years of frontline management experience, including 6 years in the Australian Army, Chris is a driven and dedicated leader. For the past 3 years, he has been deeply involved in the blockchain space, aiming to transform the way charitable aid funding is distributed globally.

Chris holds many certifications ranging from leadership, weapons and combat first aid, to completing two separate industry trade apprenticeships. Deployed various humanitarian exercises as a section commander, he understands the impact of a well-executed operation on the ground.


Aleigha Manski - COO & Co-Founder

Aleigha Manski, co-founder and COO of Charity Token, is a compassionate leader with a degree from USQ in family counselling and over 7 years of experience at a major Australian NGO.

Currently pursuing a master's degree in counselling, Aleigha also runs her own therapy practice, where she applies her deep understanding of the human connection to help individuals. Her unique blend of counselling expertise and commitment to humanitarian causes, drives our mission to make a meaningful impact in charitable giving.

Sailing Markets, Seizing Victory:
Our Competitive Journey

There are two types of services that enable the collection of funds - donation platforms and payment merchants. However, what if we could offer a more transparent solution that eliminates misappropriation?

Our platform allows donors to send money to charities, settling in seconds while ensuring that the organisation is accountable to the end.

The charity sector in Australia alone is worth 180 billion dollars and 600 billion globally, we certainly have a lot of indirect competition. Nevertheless, our platform is uniquely positioned to disrupt and has "first mover" advantage using the newest blockchain tech.

Financials: The cost of impact

- Charity Token's founders invested $230,000 to develop the platform, which includes a mobile app, blockchain wallet system, administration panel and traditional donation website

- Pre revenue product launch October 2023

- Monthly operating costs are under $500
- Fixed $0.50 transaction fee per donation for Stripe and 1% on Token donations and 0.1% on fiat to crypto transactions

- Our next phase is to develop our platform as a web-based version. This platform will have a starting subscription fee of $49 p/m for NGOs, large non-profits, and donors and will be used to collect or distribute funds for Charity.

Investment: The BIG ask

We have established a strong foundation for growth, but we see a unique market opportunity to also establish ourselves as the go-to payment option for charity, beginning here in Australia.

Our goal is ambitious, but we are confident that our software and industry expertise can revolutionise the charity sector.

To finalise the development, expand our team, and scale the business, we are seeking a minimum investment of $500,000 aud, capped at $1,500,000 aud with the round closing Jan 2024.

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