A Revolutionary New Application for
Distributing Charitable Contributions

Financial Markets Outlook

At present, we are seeing extreme volatility across all market investments. Back to back crisis are causing havoc with inflation. However, we anticipate a strong recovering into 2023 after a large crackdown by the world governments regarding blockchain.

Speculation is OVER!

Cryptocurrency markets are tired, in need of REAL utility. We all know blockchain can move money instantly, but can the token do more then move.

Platform use case is a MUST!

Charity Token's utility becomes apparent when we talk about fundraising. Never before has a Charity has access to the capital markets!

DeFi Banking Services

DeFi is great, but it's flooded with copycat projects looking for a quick buck. Little to no investment has gone into them and at least 85% of these project are not "future-proofed" providing ZERO utility.
We saw the absence of this utility, specifically in the Charity Sector where transparency and efficiency is needed most. Many choose not to donate because of the lack of transparent communication from Charities.

We can now adopt an open and forcibly honest system, blockchain!

Charity Token

A Revolutionary New Application for Distributing Charitable Contributions

What makes our platform different?

No other DeFi platform offers rewards for almost ZERO capital investment, except us! We are the only platform that can fairly distribute wealth and Charity to all by using a tax structure to reward investors and those with a low investment!

Every wallet holder regardless of value receives an proportional share of 3% of each transaction on Charity Token. We hope this in turn "teaches a man to fish" by incentivizing individual to become economically empowered by learning how to grow MONEY.

2% of ALL transactions are split EQUALLY across our verified Charities!

"$1 extra a week may not seem like much to you, but to around 2 billion people, its food for a day! Give people a safe place to grow their money and maybe we make the world a little better"

Chris Manski

Become a Social Investor!

By default, anyone who purchases Charity tokens automatically become a "Social Investor". By owning tokens, you are placing your moneys value inside our network. Each Charity can then receive tokens to sell or invest themselves. Your money doesn't just go towards someone else's dreams, but helps those in need all around the World!

How to buy $ChaT Tokens


How to buy $ChaT Tokens

  • You must have metamask with the polygon RPC added.
  • Go to our liquidity holding Dex (Quickswap) here
  • Approve website interaction
  • Paste our Token Contract into the swaps bar 

  • Swap currency for CHAT


Congratulations! and welcome to the Community

CHAT Contract Address


Tokens are
the Future!

Charity Token-omics

Charity Token Treasury

(10% vested with 4% available from launch)


4% (*3% vested over 2 years)

Public Sale


Seed Investors






Community Grants

40% (30% Locked over 3 years)

Token details


Polygon Erc-20



Token Contract Address


Deflationary Only:

Transactions on Charity Token incur a transaction fee of 7%. 

  • ChaT Token Holders 3%
  • Listed Charities shared equally 2%
  • Auto Liquidity 1%
  • Charity Token Pty Ltd 1%



Total Supply b

Initial Supply

Circulating Supply

Contact Us

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