Web3 meets Charity, Our app makes investing easy!

Mar 14, 2022





The Charity token App is Web3 meets Charity. The apps are never aimed at beginners but ours makes investing easy! We have specially designed digital wallet that is downloadable from the app and play stores on July 1st. If you can use a banking app, you can use our wallet application. Crypto has become easy. Presale May 1st. follow us on Twitter.

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Raising funds for Charity becomes efficient!

Our application is ahead of it's time. But needed today! The effort involved coordinating programs, time exhaustive and sometime not worth your time. Grants are harder and even more important. Our platform is the best in the world in terms of efficiency. We have made a trustless and digital version of p2p donating. We wanted to bring flexibility back to charity. Individuals can donate as little or as much as they like, 24 hours a day!

The dashboard of our app for Charity
Easy to use crypto app

Non Fungible Token compatibility ERC-1155

Our wallet is NFT compatible. This is by design ahead of our NFT Marketplace just for the Charity sector. NFTs will revolutionize fundraising through a sustainable royalty method. Artists, Celebrities, Individuals and more can mint NFTs and allocate the funds and royalties to a Charity that has verified with us. We can put your Charity on the world stage!

Charity token blog

Our CEO Chris Manski talks all things blockchain as he takes crypto donations mainstream! The blog is a trip down the real bumpy and ugly side of blockchain and charity. Facing hard truths are novel for the Charity sector, but we must unite and be objective in order to better the world. Poverty can be a thing of the past! Find his blog here!


Crypto for beginners

Our app is simple and easy to understand. We kept this at the front of our thoughts in development. Our entire platform is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience when using our application. Whether you would like to donate with old time flexibility or try your skills at beginner tokenomics before stepping up to the big leagues, you'll find it a breeze here at Charity token.

The Charity token app acts exactly the same as a regular banking application. Available for download from the App and Play store from July 1st. The Token revolution is finally here!

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