"Youth Association for Peace and Development"

About Us

Youth Aid for Peace and Development (YAPD), a registered nonprofit in South Sudan's refugee camps, is dedicated to transforming lives and fostering hope through a comprehensive approach that covers five critical areas: education, protection, food security, sexual reproductive health awareness, and climate change. YAPD's commitment to quality education, rights protection, self-sufficiency, and health services empowers vulnerable populations.

Moreover, YAPD recognizes the environmental challenges refugees face and works toward sustainable solutions. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create a brighter and more secure future for the resilient individuals YAPD serves. Join us in this life-changing journey, as your support can be the catalyst for positive change.

Our goal is to raise funds to build 3 classrooms, a nursery and provide sustainable food and shelter for over 600 adult and child refugees in the camp.

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Makpandu Refugee Camp

Yambio, South Sudan