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Our Company

Officially launching our services in October 2023, Charity Token is an Australian-based tech Company, pioneering the way charitable money moves. We leverage blockchain technology to redefine charity, making it more transparent, efficient, and impactful.

Our objectives are to create a better world by bridging the gap between the donor and Charity using modern technology. 

We believe in collaborative partnerships and understand that positive change is most effective when we work together.

Join us in revolutionising how people approach charity and help us build a brighter, more equitable future, one blockchain transaction at a time.

Chris Manski  - CEO

Chris Manski is an experienced frontline manager with over 15 years of experience including 6 years serving in the Australian Army. For the past 4 years, he has been actively involved in the blockchain industry with the aim of revolutionizing the way global charitable aid funding is collected and distributed.

Chris is dedicated to promoting transparency, efficiency, and ensuring positive impact, which led him to establish Charity Token. Through his leadership, he seeks to transform the process of international charitable giving and bring hope to the charitable sector.


Aleigha Manski  - COO

Aleigha Manski is one of the co-founders and the COO of Charity Token. With a degree in counselling and over seven years of experience at a major Australian NGO, she is an empathetic leader who is passionate about humanitarian causes.

Currently pursuing a master's degree in counselling, Aleigha also runs her own therapy practice, where she applies her deep understanding of human connections to help individuals. Her unique blend of counselling expertise and commitment to humanitarian causes drives our mission to make a meaningful impact in charitable giving.


Our Vision

Our mission is to combine a human-centred approach with innovative blockchain best practices, to bring back a more holistic approach to fundraising. With our cutting-edge technology, we can direct financial aid to causes in just seconds, leveraging the power of decentralised finance.

Our technology is particularly useful in cross-border payments, bridging the gap for regions with limited access to traditional banking or technological infrastructure. This helps break down barriers not only for those in need but also for people and communities eager to join the wider global economy. Our mission is to create a world where compassion meets innovation, where every contribution fosters positive change and deeper connections among us all.


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