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Our mission is to create a more personalised fundraising experience for small charities by building a community that increases financial transparency and trust.

We don't handle any funds. Stripe processes your donation payment and sends the funds directly to the bank account of each non-profit.  Token donations also go directly to the organisations without any merchant in between whatsoever and this is the power of decentralised finance.

Charity Token is a family-owned and operated for-profit social enterprise. We are not affiliated with any organisation we promote.

We simply offer our services for free to showcase our technology innovations, support small nonprofits and build relationships.

While all of our listed organisations are registered non-profits. Some do not have "deductible gift recipient" status. Donating to these non-profits is not tax deductible but that doesn't mean the donation isn't needed. The DGR status of each organisation can be found on their profile.

If you donate using Stripe to Australian non-profits, you will be emailed a receipt. If donating tokens, a block transaction receipt can be found on your app dashboard, under transactions. Click the required transaction to download a pdf copy to your device.

Both, our mobile application and website donations using Stripe carry a 2.9% + $0.45c fee.  While donating tokens are free. We also do not charge a listing fee to our organisations.

Each organisation we feature will receive a 45-minute podcast episode to share their story, followed by bi-monthly updates and social media content. Follow us on social media to stay updated.

We encourage organisations to keep their social media followers informed by updating their charitable journey.

Stripe handles all financial information and has very secure policies and standards to keep user data safe. Charity Token holds does not store financial data. More information can be found here.

Absolutely! For us, social awareness can be more valuable than a donation. Simply follow our social accounts, like and share our content and this will help us more than you could imagine!

There are no minimum or maximum donation amounts. Simply click the "donate" button, enter your details and the amount.

Ensuring authenticity is our topmost priority to provide a genuine experience. We begin by connecting and communicating with the organisation's founder or leader. After that, our board examines the information provided in the Charity Token application along with certified government documents. Once the verification process is complete, we proceed to manually approve and create a profile for them. Continuous communication is vital to maintain the authenticity and legitimacy of the organisation.

If you encounter any issues with payments, please contact us within 48 hours to request a refund, using the "acct" number on your Stripe receipt. Please note that the merchant and application fee is non-refundable.

We do not currently offer gift matching, but if you donate through our mobile app, you can earn 50 Charity Tokens per dollar donated, valued at around 1% of the donation. These tokens can be saved or donated to our non-profits.

Donating Tokens FAQs

Discover what donating tokens is all about...

Our Company is a pioneer in using blockchain technology for charitable purposes. Though the technology is still in its early stages, we are proud to be at the forefront of innovation.

Our mobile app is not just limited to accepting donations but also serves as a blockchain account system. This system allows for peer-to-peer transfer of digital currency without any intermediaries, resulting in significant savings in terms of money and time.

Fundies are also underlying blockchain tech called NFTs. NFTs are definitive proof of donation as all blockchain transactions are final and immutable, meaning they cant be tampered with or changed.

Digital donations are free of any transaction fees and are settled instantly in the user's wallet. 

Not at all. Our platform has both a traditional way of donating and a more transparent way using digital tokens.

If you would like to donate directly to our African nonprofits, because of a lack of traditional support for these regions, token donations are the only available method.

We encourage people to empower themselves with the knowledge of when, where and how our charities receive donations, this option is yours to make.


While donating and moving money in highly developed countries such as Australia might be easy, the same level of financial accessibility is certainly not the case for places within Africa and other parts of the world we serve.

There are cash restrictions, a lack of telecommunications infrastructure and not everyone can access the traditional banking system due to a lack of formal identification.

Tokens are digital property that hold an intrinsic value, they move on data networks like a text message and are fast, cheap and easy to transact with, making them perfect to include these regions into a larger economy.

Stripe, Square and PayPal don't service these regions because of the higher barriers and is the main reason why we do. We believe everyone deserves a chance to be a part of the larger economy for greater opportunity at producing wealth.


Tokens are classified as property, and under the Australian charity laws from the ATO, property can be donated with the current market value becoming tax deductable.

The DGR status laws still apply and you simply need a "proof of donation" to claim, which can be found in your blockchain record.

This can be found in the Charity Token mobile app home screen under "Transactions".

There are only network fees to cover donating tokens. If you are using our Charity Token app, you can donate using Stripe to get rewarded with transaction tokens and Charity Tokens.

Or alternatively, you can use our payment gateway to fund your Charity Token account with Matic, donate these tokens or swap them into USDT or Charity Tokens which carry additional benefits.

Aside from the $0.01c network fee, the entire donation is fee-less meaning neither us nor a payment merchant takes a fee.

Stripe handles all financial information and has very secure policies and standards to keep user data safe. Charity Token holds does not store financial data. More information can be found here.

Our Onramper integration partners handle the payment information relating to tokens, which can be found here.

Charity Token only holds the user's personal information relating to Name, Email and Account details which are encrypted in transit. See our privacy policy here.

Tokens are so much more flexible than dollars. You can donate as little as $0.0000001 of a cent! This is because tokens are simply valuable data that can broken up into 18 decimal places.

Before we issue our organisation a profile and charity token account, we verify each one through a strict interview and assessment process. 

That's why you won't see thousands of organisations fundraising here. 

If you encounter any payment issues, please get in touch with us to determine the issue. Often, it is because your account is low on network credit to send the donation.

Token donations are non-refundable due to the nature of the transfer. The value settles instantly into the organisation account, unlike Stripe which takes 7-8 days.

Purchasing Fundies FAQ

Find out all about "Fundies"


The word "Fundies" is short for Fundraising NFTs. They are digital collectables minted onto a blockchain which are sent to you upon purchase.

Fundies are essentially digital collectables that replace the need for nonprofits to outlay significant money for fundraising assets such as pins, pens, badges, ribbons, hats and more.

By creating a digital collection, we can reduce both our environmental and financial costs while maximising donation revenue.

Short answer?  Some do, some don't.

We can mint any digital IP, that includes music, documents, images and more. This is up to the artist or creator to organise with us to seel for Charity.

This depends on the creator and nonprofit to organise, but generally speaking, the breakdown is as follows.
a) Charity Token platform fee - 2%
b) Creator - X%
c) Charity - X%

Our fee is fixed at 2%, however, royalties can be split according to the creator/nonprofit at the time of arrangement. 

Absolutely!  We have two options for Fundie purchases.
a) A web3 wallet such as Metamask
b) A credit/debit card using Crossmint

When you click "Pay with Credit Card", a box will appear and show you the price in USD (You can change this). 

Follow the Stripe payment process and once the payment has been processed, a Crossmint account will have been made from your email address. 

You will receive an email giving instructions to log into the Crossmint website to view your Fundie. Here you can share or transfer the item to another wallet account if you choose.

Our Thirdweb integration allows you to spend using all of the usual web3 wallets. From metamask, trustwallet, wallet connect, Rainbow, Phantom and more.

Absolutely!  When we mint each Fundie, we present the fees and account address for the charity/creator and ourselves.

You can verify the transactions by following the prompts at the bottom of each charity profile page. 

Our listed organisations all have public accounts to view every token/Fundie donation.

Artist FAQ

Find out all about listing artwork with us


Thanks for thinking of us!  Feel free to reach out via message, DM our socials or email us at inquiries@charitytoken.online so we can get you onboard

Due to the early nature of NFT fundraising and the reputation protection policies we have in place for our Nonprofits, we require you to send us a copy of the artwork for us to mint and create a sellers page on our site.

A showcase of what an artist profile looks like can be found here.

  1. Get in touch
  2. We verify your legitimacy
  3. Send us a copy of the pieces you wish to mint  (they must be original and unminted)
  4. Let us know what nonprofit to add split revenue with and how much %
  5. We mint the NFT on the backend
  6. Then we build you a profile
  7. You share the links on Social Media

Feel free to connect with a nonprofit beforehand, we can issue them a profile to receive donations at the same time your profile is being launched.

They just require a web3 wallet or can download ours from the google play store.

We charge a flat 2% fee on all NFT sales, no royalties, no setup fee. Then its up to you to decide what % of revenue shared with the Nonprofit.

We create an individual smart contract that sets platform fee, royalties, revenue split and the primary wallet to receive funds.

This will be shared with you upon creation so you can verify the details. We will need the following details to complete the launch;

  • Your web3 wallet address
  • Currency of choice
  • Charity web3 wallet address
  • Revenue split %
  • Artwork ready to mint

Yes!!  We partner with Crossmint to provide a card payment gateway and custodial NFT wallet for the non-Web3 people.

Funds are paid to Crossmint via Stripe and their team pays the contract in its native currency. We recommend USDC or USDT but others are available.

You can also purchase directly from the profile using a Web3 wallet as usual.

No, there aren't any limits, except for our time. Each piece takes around 15 minutes to launch and integrate with Crossmint so we recommend starting with 2-3 unique pieces and adding more along the way.

We can create a product profile for any file, MP3, Jpeg, PNG, Doc etc.  Just let us know in a message what you are trying to achieve so we can tailor a profile for you!