Charity Token Collection

"Busy Brains"

"Spacial Focus"


"Moon Monkey"

"Neon Robot"

"Coming Soon"

"Coming Soon"

"Coming Soon"

Unlockable NFTs

The digital collectables below feature unlockable content. You will need a Web3 wallet to access these ones.

"The Bitcoin Champion"

"Coming Soon"

"Coming Soon"

"Coming Soon"

About this Artist : Charity Token

Charity Token was founded by Chris and Aleigha Manski. They have a make the donor feel as special as the charity during the donation experience!

Web3, NFTs and Tokens can do just that and its why we fundraise in this unique way.

Thank you for being a part of our charitable journey, 50% of the proceeds from these artworks go to Charities on this platform and the other 50% helps us grow our platform and services.

X - @charitytoken4

Collection details:

Contract address: 0xcbcb414A1429991c6EF80f0e822BD2Ed7b79f05a

Contract address (Unlockables): 0x8efCDD89D1A11B14a1f18fE61fbF32EA20D00260