Charity and Blockchain

Apr 18, 2022

Charity and blockchain can be great together!

Charity and blockchain are made for each other. One could agree or disagree, but let me explain why I believe cryptocurrency can bring trust back to the Charity sector.

For years, the same advertising of impoverished children plagued our televisions. To the point where people will not even feel empathetic to the cause. We have watched as billions of donated wealth is kept from those whom it was intended for. Trust in the Charity sector is at it's lowest EVER!

Blockchain is a technology that is perfect for public transactions, you see it cannot be change nor controlled by any person as transactions are decided upon by the consensus component of the blockchain. Code is law in the world of computers.

A public blockchain records each transaction across all of the computers in it's network, giving ultimate security. No one can erase or tamper with and details of the transaction and once the transaction is finalized it is permanent! When dealing with public funds, what better way to transact than on a digital ledger that the public can view transactions taking place. They can see yet never touch or tamper with them. Trust is what we can see after all.

Charity Token is essentially a digital currency aimed at becoming the native token of the Charity Sector. With commerce bringing fourth a wave of digital currencies. We can start to implement POS in shops or online. This can of course only happen if there is value in the currency Charity Token.

People will be able to download our Charity App from the apple and android stores, sign up and purchase tokens to earn, send or donate to a charity ALL on the very same application!

Once we have established the foundation for the native native currency, we will begin development of our NFT marketplace where fundraising will be made sustainable. We can do this by utilizing the non fungible token smart contracts to mint tokens that represent property such as artwork, music, documents and more. Tokenizing is the future of logistics and asset ownership.

Once an NFT is sold, royalties are sent to the nominated wallet and so on for every subsequent sale forever. The token can actually increase in value too! 

Charity Token is the future of fundraising, we offer a safe and compliant platform to receive donations. Because crypto is available worldwide, you can fundraise worldwide!

When you hold Charity tokens in your digital wallet, you automatically earn tokens. As a holder, you are entitled to a share in the 6.5% tax to ALL transactions across the network. The more you hold, the more you earn and the more that is transacted on the platform, the more rewards the holders will see!

Charitable giving can now reward those by integrating capitalism with Charity on a blockchain application. Trillions of dollars annually is invested in derivative markets, why shouldn't charity see some of it!  

Charity in Australia is great, but we need a central tool of barter, a currency to earn, gift and pay other for their service. Because as we know, time just can't be free anymore. no longer can a family afford a single income anymore and therefore we need to offer incentive to give. We offer Charities in Australia and all around the world a safe space to fundraise and interest a completely new dynamic of people. Youthful investors want to give, but they want to make it at the same time. Why not give them the chance to do both!